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What problems should be considered when choosing LED street lamp shell


Now we can see street lamps on both urban and rural roads. Street lamps have become more and more popular. Nowadays, many street lamps are upgraded to LED lamps, so a better LED street lamp shell is needed. So what problems need to be considered when purchasing LED street lamp shell?

Since it is the outer shell of the street lamp, it is obvious that it needs to be placed outdoors for a long time, so it should be able to experience the wind and rain. And most of the streetlights need to be lit for one night, which requires the LED streetlights shell to have a certain heat resistance, otherwise it will not last long and will not be used.

Not only does it need to be able to heat resistance, but also need to be able to send out the heat of the bulb, so as to ensure that the bulb can be used for a long time. Do not underestimate the LED street lamp shell, it is not only a protective shell, but also shoulder a lot of heavy burden, which needs to meet these conditions.

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