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What are the precautions for installation of LED pool lamp?


As a manufacturer of LED lamps, Shunzhan mould&lighting company needs to pay special attention to the problems in the installation of LED pool lamps? Next, let's solve the question for you.


1. Led pool lamp shall be powered by DC constant current power supply. Under the control of constant current power supply, the forward voltage drop of LED underwater lamp will decrease with the increase of LED chip temperature, which has little effect on LED underwater lamp. However, if it is driven by constant voltage, the chip of LED underwater lamp will increase with the temperature rise, and the current will increase continuously. In serious cases, it may even burn down the LED underwater lamp. Therefore, the LED underwater lamp should be powered by DC constant current power supply.


2. Anti static measures shall be taken. In the process of processing, production and installation of LED pool lamp products, certain anti-static measures shall be taken. Such as the workbench shall be grounded, workers shall wear anti-static clothing, with anti-static ring, and with anti-static gloves, etc., and the anti-static ion fan can be installed if conditions permit. At the same time, the air humidity at the time of installation shall be guaranteed to be about 65%, so as to avoid static electricity generated by too dry air. In addition, the anti-static ability of LED in different quality grades is also different, and the anti-static ability of high-quality LED underwater lamp is stronger.


3. Pay attention to the sealing of LED products. No matter what kind of LED lighting products, as long as they are used outdoors, they are faced with the problems of moisture-proof and sealing, especially for LED pool lights. Poor sealing will directly affect the service life of LED underwater lamp products.

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