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What are the heat dissipating materials for LED floodlight shell


One of the common problems of LED products is that the heat is very strong when it is lit. If the LED floodlight shell is in a high temperature working state for a long time, it will easily cause the lamp to be burned out and broken.

So as a high-power lamp, the biggest factor that affects the life of the projection lamp is the heat dissipation effect. The basic condition that determines the heat dissipation effect is the raw material. So, what are the heat dissipation materials for the shell of LED floodlight?

1. Pure aluminum radiator. Pure aluminum radiator is the most common radiator in the early stage. Its manufacturing process is simple and its cost is low. So far, pure aluminum radiator still occupies a considerable part of the market. In order to increase the cooling area of fins, the most common processing method of pure aluminum radiator is aluminum extrusion technology, and the main index of evaluating a pure aluminum radiator is the thickness of radiator base and pin fin ratio. The larger the pin fin ratio, the better the heat dissipation effect.

2. Copper aluminum combination. These fins are usually made of copper metal base, while the fins are made of aluminum alloy. Of course, in addition to the copper bottom, there are also methods such as using copper pillars for heat sinks, which are the same principle. With high thermal conductivity, the copper bottom can quickly absorb the heat released by CPU; the aluminum fins can be made into the shape that is most conducive to heat dissipation with the help of complex process means, and provide large heat storage space and rapid release, which has found a balance point in all aspects.

At present, there are mainly two kinds of heat dissipating materials in the market, mainly depending on the actual demand of the buyer.

The LED floodlight housing is made of aluminum alloy by die-casting. Then by grinding, polishing, painting and other processes. After it, drilling, tapping and finishing the shell semi-finished products. The function of the shell of LED floodlight is to help the LED lamp beads quickly emit heat. The shell of LED floodlight plays a decisive role in the power, life, brightness, light decay and other parameters of the product. The main cost of LED lamp shell is composed of aluminum alloy. The price measurement method of aluminum alloy is weight, which is calculated by the price of tons. Therefore, the thickness of the shell, the height of the radiator and the number of ribs directly affect the price and quality of the product.

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