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The difference between aluminum die-casting lamps and casting products


Aluminum die-casting uses aluminum die-casting machine to shape the material under a certain pressure. The equipment is more complicated and the mold cost is higher. It is generally suitable for mass production. The advantage is that the product structure is denser than the casting product, the strength is higher, and the surface is cast. The product has good smoothness. Aluminum die-casting products have good forming characteristics. However, the processing cost is high, and the processing amount is too large, and the internal pores are exposed, resulting in a decrease in product strength.


The casting product dissolves the material into a liquid state at a high temperature to make it have a certain fluidity, and then injects into the cavity to flow in the cavity, and then cools the molding, generally the surface is rough, usually make as blank pieces, and then proceed and machine them. Generally, the casting cavity has a sand type and a metal type, and the mold cost is low. The precision is not high than die casting, and the wall thickness is generally thicker than die casting, which is not suitable for producing thinner products. And the product is low in density and inferior in strength. However, its processing cost is low. Good ductility.


Therefore, the LED outdoor lighting kit with aluminum die casting will be more suitable for commercial lighting.

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