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The advantage of LED module street light


With the continuous development of LED technology,LED street lights have more advantages compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamp street light,with energy saving,good color rendering,convenient maintenance, comfortable road surface,good shock resistance,long life and high reliability,can be intelligent control and many other advantages.

The traditional LED street light housings are mostly designed as a whole. Different products have different versatility between different products,so the replacementability is poor,the maintenance cost is high, and the maintenance cost of the LED street lights is increased.The modular LED street light assembled by the LED street module light has the advantages of strong replacement,convenient assembly and maintenance,and is becoming more  popular in the current market,and has a tendency to gradually replace the LED street light with the outer casing as a whole design.

The heat dissipation performance of the LED street light has a great influence on the life and reliability of the whole lamp.The cooling of the modular LED street light is mainly related to the street light module. Many LED street light modules on the market currently have poor heat dissipation performance.Less than one year after installation on the road surface,there is obvious light decay or even flickering and dead lights,which seriously affects the life of LED street lights.

The module street light of Foshan Nanhai Shunzhan Mould Lighting Metal Co.,Ltd has good heat dissipation effect,thereby improving the service life of LED street lights and reducing maintenance costs.

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