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Recommending Outdoor basketball court lighting


With the continuous development of LED light source technology, led floodlight has gradually become the mainstream in the field of outdoor basketball court lighting. Compared with the traditional halogen lamp and sodium lamp, LED projection lamp has the advantages of good luminous efficiency, low carbon and energy saving, small volume and mass, and convenient maintenance. In addition, the pace of life is speeding up now, and the time for people to take part in exercise is mainly at night. So the outdoor basketball court lighting has gradually become the standard match for the court. Then, yogurt sports will focus on recommending several special LED lighting for basketball court lighting:

1. TG19A series led flood light.

2. TG19B series led flood light.

The luminous efficiency of the above led floodlights is very excellent. According to different site sizes, you can choose lamps with different power. Our products are sold all over the world, regular logistics delivery, factory direct sales, reduce your cost consumption. In the past 18 years, Shunzhan mould& lighting company has been widely favored by many customers, with good quality, reliable quality and guaranteed after-sale service. 

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