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Outdoor LED flood light


The outdoor setting of flood lights can beautify the urban environment,and is often used for large-area mines,building outlines,stadiums,overpasses,monuments, parks and flower beds,so that the illumination on the designated surface is higher than that of the surrounding environment.Due to the complicated structure of the existing flood lights,the installation of various components is cumbersome,and the heat dissipation effect is poor,which often damages the driver,and affects the life of the floodlight.Moreover,the wires connecting the LED flood lights are mostly exposed,which not only affects the appearance but also reduces the service life of the LED flood lights.In addition,the existing LED flood lights have poor waterproof,and it is easy for water to enter and cause a short circuit or a component to be rusted.which affects both the service life of the light and the safety hazard.


The LED flood light housing of Foshan Nanhai Shunzhan Mould Lighting Metal Co.,Ltd has professional outdoor powder coating,super anti-corrosive& UV resistance, lifetime above 5 years.Perfect matching with PCB and lens, lens has multiple angle selection.Module overlay design, can do 1/2/4/6/9 modules collocation.

Two power solution:1.outdoor power solution;2.linear power solution.

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