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OSRAM inaction industry master explores the future development of LED lighting components


Recently, five of Osram's longtime business leaders (Adrian Chu, Osram Optoelectronic Semiconductor Sales Director for Greater China, Mr. Jin Yuqing, Director of Asia-Pacific Market for Automotive Lighting, Mr. Shao Jiaping, Sales Director of General Lighting Division for Greater China, and Senior Asia-Pacific Market for Infrared/Laser/Sensor Division) Mr. Gu Jidong, Field Manager, and Ms. Chen Qi, Director of China Regional Market, Division of Multi-market, jointly discussed the future development of LED lighting components by interviewing Dialogue Cafe.

Adrian Chu: meet the LED market trend and deal with all kinds of competition and challenges.

In recent years, with the technological upgrading and industry development, OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductor solutions have been applied in many fields, such as virtual reality, smart city, unmanned driving and so on. Adrian Chu, Sales Manager of OSRAM Optoelectronic Semiconductor in Greater China, made some comments on the future trend of LED market in China.

Q: what trends do you think the Chinese LED market will have in the future?

Adrian Chu: First of all, for the Chinese LED market, OSRAM Optoelectronic Semiconductor foresees three major trends. The first is Smart City, the second is Made in China 2025, and the third is consumption upgrade. These are the trends that we have observed in the Chinese market in the next few years, LED.

Q: how will OSRAM photoelectric semiconductor cope with these trends and adjust its business strategy?

Adrian Chu: Well, let me talk about smart cities: We know that the Chinese government is actively and vigorously promoting the development of smart cities, using advanced technology to solve problems in urban development, improving the quality of life of residents, alleviating traffic conditions, improving air quality and so on. All these have brought new business opportunities to OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductor. We have a lot of technology, sensors, lighting, intelligent lighting, can be guided and led by the government to open up this market.

The second one is "made in China 2025", and the government's goal is to achieve a strong manufacturing power. For example, in the field of new energy vehicles, the government's goal is to achieve 80% local production in 2025. At the same time, in the robotics industry, the goal is to achieve at least 80% market share in 2025. And mobile phones need 40% of the total. OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductors offer a wide range of products and solutions for new energy vehicles. We have LED lighting, interiors and exteriors, as well as sensors and other products, such as radar. Therefore, with a wealth of products and advanced technology, we can well deal with the various challenges in the automobile market.

The last is a consumer upgrade, with at least half of the population expected to join the middle class by 2020. This means that people will pursue a higher quality and safer life, which will bring unlimited business opportunities for OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductors. If we want to stay in this market, there will inevitably be a lot of competition, such as price war, quality war, which will follow. Therefore, strategically, we need to constantly innovate and invest, while continually catering to market demand, improve product quality and product cost-effectiveness.

On the other hand, OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductors have invested heavily in factories, such as building a new six-inch LED factory in Gulin, Malaysia; building a new building for the front end in Regensburg; and building a new factory for the back end in Wuxi and Penang. All we have done is to meet the market demand and flexibly respond to all the competition and challenges according to the development and changes of the market. This is something we are very happy to do.

Jin Yuqing: technological innovation is based on the field of automotive lighting.

In recent years, China's LED automotive lighting market continues to develop, the application of LED in the field of automotive lighting is also increasing and upgrading. Mr. Jin Yuqing, Asia Pacific Market Director of OSRAM Optoelectronic Semiconductor Automobile Lighting Division, expressed some opinions on the future development trend of LED automobile lighting market in China.

Q: what future trends do you think the China LED automotive lighting market will have in the future?

Jin Yuqing: LED in the field of automotive lighting, divided into interior and exterior accessories, interior and exterior. In the exterior headlamps, we used more halogen lamps, including HID. Now let's look at a trend in the next five years. By 2023, maybe less than 1% of HID, more than 40% of halogen lamps, and more than 50% of LED headlights, that's a trend.

Q: in the face of these trends, what is the emphasis or adjustment of OSRAM optoelectronics on product strategy?

Jin Yuqing: OSRAM Photoelectric Semiconductor has always been a leader in the field of LED lighting for automobiles. It is based on INNOVATION. Our products have always been the most advanced and advanced in the technology market. We will continue to invest more in the research and development of new products.

In the interior interior section just mentioned, we are now rolling out a new full range of E1608 products that include panchromatic. In the automotive exterior parts, we will increase the introduction of LED series of medium and high-power white light. As mentioned earlier, the whole LED headlight is a new trend, so we will increase the investment in new products and new products in this area.

We also see a trend in mid-to-high-end cars where we'll see some ADB or AFS headlights. In this case, OSRAM is the eye.

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