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LED high bay light


At present,Industrial Enterprises lighting will use led high bay lights,but the price of led high bay lights is higher than ordinary energy-saving lamps,so why are led high bay lights still so popular? What is a led high bay light? Let's take a look together!

LED high bay light refers to the led lighting housings used in production work in factories and other sites.If the LED high bay light lights are classified according to the lighting function,they can be divided into general lighting and local lighting.

General lighting usually means that the LED high bay lights are evenly above the work site or above the side wall,which can ensure that the lights can shine on the place where the workers work.

Local lighting refers to the key lighting of a part of the work site by led high bay lights.This lighting method can enhance the lighting effect of a certain work site on the basis of general lighting.

LED high bay lights have low power consumption,high color rendering index,strong shock resistance,long service life,and environmental protection.It is the best choice for places such as industrial plants and gas stations,and it is also a relatively safe light.

LED high bay light have relatively high stability,with a long life of 25,000 to 50,000 hours,which is more than 10 times longer than the traditional light source;green environmental protection,no pollution,no heat radiation,no harm to eyes and skin;the rendering of real colors is more realistic.

LED high bay lights can be used not only in industrial plants,but also in basketball courts,gas stations,toll stations,etc.It is a very good lighting fixture.

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